Change the default folder used by FrontPageŠ for saving / storing your webs

When installed FrontPageŠ automatically uses C:\My Documents\My Webs as the default location for creating and saving your disk based webs.
Thanks to a tip posted on Tiffany Edmonds' web site it is possible to change the location by editing the System Registry and changing the location to any folder you want.
For those who are uncomfortable editing the System Registry, here is a free installer named DefaultDir.exe that will make the necessary entry for you. You may download it by clicking Directory  Tweak.
I would recommend "Right Clicking" the link, selecting "Save Target As.."
and saving it to your Desktop.
1. When prompted, simply select the drive and folder that contains your FrontPageŠ webs.
2. After running the file, close and reopen FrontPageŠ for the change to take effect.
3. If you want to change the location again, simply run DefaultDir.exe and choose another location.